The Fae World: Thian: Bastien: Talking to Lottie

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“Thian is a world with magic.” Bastien stood, making his way over to the window. “It’s the reason we’re here.” He thought back to his own arrival, and how complicated it had been. Lottie seemed to be taking it all much better, but then there was no way for him to know what she was truly thinking or feeling. “Someone who’s given the chance to call Thian home is here because the world wanted to give them another chance to live out the life they should have had.” Running his tongue over his lips he turned to look at her. “You do know how you’re here, don’t you?”

The Fae World: Deotis: Layla: The Other Treasure Hunters

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Travelling from one world to another is something I have never much enjoyed. People judge me based on what they see, and, of course, what they see is only a tiny part of who I am. My clothes might not be the newest fashions, but they keep me safe from the things I know I’ll be dealing with when I finally get to Deotis. I’d rather be protected than look good. Of course that tells them I’m a treasure hunter, which means, obviously, I have no morals. I am willing to do whatever I have to in order to get whatever it was I was hired to get. Yet, to me, that defines a thief, and I’m not a thief. I would say I’ve never stolen anything from anyone, but that would be a lie. I have to admit I have stolen, from the bodies of people who would have killed me had I not killed them first, and I don’t have any regrets about that choice. Sometimes it’s been the only way I was able to survive.

The World Walkers: Ilirin: Equinox: Seen

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Equinox couldn’t stop herself from staring out of the window. She knew it wasn’t a good idea, it never was, but she hadn’t yet found the strength to stop herself from doing it. At the same time as usual a group of three girls walked past her house, and she watched them wistfully. They were all normal teenagers while she was one of the Seen. No one outside the family and the Seen Council even knew she existed. It hurt to watch them because they got a chance to live their own lives while everything she did, especially the books she read, had to be vetted by her Watcher. Some days she imagined what it would be like to be one of them. A normal girl with a normal life. When she had the window open it was possible to hear them complain about how boring their lives were, and she always felt the same disappointment. They couldn’t see what they had. They didn’t know how lucky they really were. Their mundane life was the thing she wanted more than anything else, but they wanted something more, something better, when their lives were so much better than hers.

The World Walkers: Raenarin: Rachel: The First Day

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Everything had been harder than Rachel expected it to be. Clothes, food, sleeping… she wasn’t entirely certain what was making it so difficult, but she did think being in Niall’s bed was part of the problem. He’d taken the settee in the lounge as his bed, even though she told him that she’d be fine there herself because she didn’t want to be any more of a burden than she already was, and it had been a long time since she’d slept in a bed. The last time she’d gone to sleep she’d been a cat, which meant making herself comfortable anywhere she pleased, but being a human… she sighed, sitting up. Being human once more meant she had to follow the rules and going to sleep in a bed, no matter how uncomfortable she was, seemed to be one of them, yet… she glanced down at the floor. Without letting herself think about it she slipped onto the floor, pulling the covers with her.

The World Walkers: Mira: Raenarin: Leaving Raenarin

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Mira stepped through the door, knowing that she had no other choice. A single tear trickled down her cheek. Being a ‘demon’ was both a blessing and a curse right at the moment. It meant she was safe from… she didn’t know exactly who it was, but she knew that her entire family was dead because of someone, as she’d could leave Raenarin behind. At the same time being alive when they were all gone was more painful than anything that had happened before. For the first time in her life she was entirely alone, on a world she didn’t know, and all she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry.

The World Walkers: Kniroch: Panthea: Back on Kniroch

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It was late when Panthea arrived back on Kniroch. The moon had set long before her arrival, and she was tired. Had she not still had things to do she would have been in bed. Instead she switched her bag to her other shoulder, yawning as she did. Nothing in it was particularly heavy, thankfully, just unwieldy. Ever so often it would settle in the wrong position, and then she’d need to move things about, to stop them from pointing her in the back. As she passed by her cottage she couldn’t help looking at it. Her bed was calling to her. Her bed had been calling to her for hours, but she had a client. The client came first. Then sleep. Sometimes it was a curse that she could travel to all five of Kniroch’s sibling worlds, and sometimes it was a blessing. Had she not been able to travel her life would have been so very different.

The World Walkers: Gaelom: Aurelia: The Swamp

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It was my first time choosing a quest, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Honestly the last thing I thought might be a possibility was for my mentor to hold a bag out, with slips of paper in, for us to pick one out. She said it made everything fairer because it was pure luck which one of us got which and as it was our first time she wouldn’t let us swap. We had to deal with the option we’d chosen, by chance, no matter how hard it ended up being. “Remember, trainees, if the quest becomes too difficult for you it is possible for you to walk away, but you only have ten available, so use them carefully.” Nodding, I hoped I wouldn’t need the button at all, but I was grateful they’d thought of something like that, just in case something did go wrong. “A weapon will be there when you step through the portal, as will any other supplies you may need, and take your time. This is the first quest – if it takes you a week to complete then so be it. Don’t let any competition between you stop you from being careful. You won’t die, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be injured. Some trainees have come out of their quests with broken bones, swords in places they really didn’t want swords, and one even lost an eye.

The World Walkers: Athare: Frane: An Uncomfortable Landing

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It had been worth a try. As Frane knelt on the ground trying to push away the nausea he felt he kept reminding himself he would have been executed if he hadn’t walked through Auberon’s door. Even though it hadn’t worked the way a normal door would have done Frane was obviously somewhere that wasn’t the jail. He just wasn’t with any of the eleven other ‘demons’ who had also chosen life. For all he knew he was the only one who’d survived the journey, but at least he was alive. Alive and kneeling on the ground of what could only be another world.

The World Walkers: Athare: Jacinth: Meeting Kester

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Being called into the office of the leader of the Council was terrifying. It was something that happened so rarely that no one had been able to tell Jacinth what to expect, so she sat in the waiting area and tried to calm herself down. She was a good Walker, even though studying the worlds really hadn’t prepared her for actually travelling to one of them, but that didn’t mean anything. Alana had been a good Walker too, until she was arrested. She still didn’t know why it had happened or where Alana had gone after she had her tattoos removed, yet. Passing all thirty-four exams meant she could explore all thirty-four worlds, and she was going to keep looking until she found Alana.

The World Walkers: Athare: Emrys: Travelling Through Time

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It was easy enough to gather together all the remaining jars that held the worlds. No one really cared all that much about them, because they’d all moved on to living their new lives and dealing with the changes they’d created. At least the ones who hadn’t shut themselves away in warded settlements, terrified of the choices that had been made, of the new races that had been created, and of the fae who’d done the work to create both the worlds and the races. Emrys wasn’t surprised, because they’d always been scared of what the Yellow family and the Blue family could do. That was why there had always been so many rules created to curtail what they could do with their abilities.