The Afterlife: Richard: The Rainbow Lake

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Richard had heard of the Rainbow Lake, but he hadn’t visited it himself. It was somewhere he wanted to take Caitlyn, when he had a chance, because he knew she’d like it. After Charis had moved on he found himself focusing entirely on his job, so he didn’t have to get close to anyone, and he was hoping that by being friendless Death he would be able to put everyone off – then Samael had knocked on his door, the angel who had walked away, which had changed things more than he’d ever expected them to. Sighing, Richard ran a hand through his hair. If it hadn’t been for Sam and his insistence that even Death needed friends he would never have been in the position that he was when Caitlyn found him sitting on the night beach.

The Afterlife: Caitlyn: Sacred Calling

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It wasn’t often that an angel walked through the afterlife, but when it did all the spirits knew that something important was happening. What they didn’t know, and Caitlyn did, was that a lot of planning went into when the angel was going to visit. There would be several phone calls, which were referred to as ‘Sacred Calling’, files would be passed between the spirit guide and the angel, the route the angel was going to take through the afterlife was planned carefully, and then the angel would enter the afterlife.