Aurora’s World: Atecia: Sauin: Talking to the Dead

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That morning I’d woken up and there was something not quite right, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was, so I’d put it to the back of my mind. It wasn’t until much later I realised I shouldn’t have. Of course by then I was already in the midst of something I didn’t understand until much later. When it first happened I couldn’t have understood it. At that time we knew something unusual was happening, because a number of people had died on their 18th birthday. Unfortunately we didn’t know what was causing those deaths, so there was no way I could know what was coming, and I’m not sure, even if I had, I would have cared. My parents were in the midst of preparing for my birthday party, where I would meet the woman I was going to be handfasting, which meant I had to do the same, from the moment someone walked into my room to wake me up.

Aurora’s World: Haerith: Xavia: Making a Decision

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There had been no word and they were running low on food. Even if they kept rations to a minimum it would be days before they ran out, rather than weeks. Xavia glanced at her brother, who just shook his head, because they had no other option. Opening the door could easily be the end for all of them, as they had no way of knowing who was outside, but a quick death did, at that moment, seem a better choice than dying slowly of starvation. Biting hard on her lip she did her best not to get involved in the argument, knowing that once she did it would be up to her to make the final decision, and she wasn’t ready to kill everyone in the room.

Aurora’s World: Haerith: Randolf: Being a Seer

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Silence followed Xavia’s words, and everyone looked at Randolf. He raked a hand through his hair, his eyes locked on his sister, remembering how he’d promised his father he would keep her safe. Yet even then he knew it wasn’t going to be that simple. There were too many variables. One of those variables was who they’d find outside the door. Sighing, he shook his head, wishing things were simpler. Wishing his life hadn’t worked out the way it had. Going into their sanctuary had given them a chance to survive the changes that had happened, but that didn’t mean they were safe. It seemed there was only one possible way for them to be safe, and that meant sacrificing Xavia.

Aurora’s World: Atecia: Calix: Felicia Blooming

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The one thing Calix had hoped, ever since Tuula had come into their lives, was that Felicia would never bloom. It had been longer than he liked since their last conversation, because they both knew it was better for her if she didn’t spend too much time around him. Having Tuula as a part of their family had changed everything. Once it would have been normal for Felicia to spend hours with him, the two of them talking about what she’d been learning from her teachers, and he would teach her little things that they didn’t know, as they weren’t magic users. Fortunately. Otherwise Tuula would have had them removed and Felicia’s life would have changed ever more than it already had. She knew that everyone was waiting for her eighteenth birthday in a way they hadn’t been before Tuula had arrived.

Aurora’s World: Ialaera: Itsuki: Becoming Human

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Watching was the hardest part of being a tree. It could do nothing to change what was happening, because it didn’t speak the same language as the humans, and it wasn’t sure that they would even listen if it did. Over the years (it didn’t know exactly how old it was, but it could remember a time before human magic existed) it had watched the humans hunt those who were different to them. Or maybe hunt was the wrong word. Hunting was a natural process. What the humans did was unnatural.

Aurora’s World: Konir: Amelia: Going Underground

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Tears streamed down her cheeks, but Amelia knew she was doing the right thing. It would keep her family safe, which was the most important thing, and no one would be able to find her. At least that was what she had been told. Going underground, into a sanctuary that had always been used by people like her, was the only logical thing to do, even though she had no idea what would happen then. After one last hug, her mother crying just as hard as she was, she walked away from the people she loved.

Aurora’s World: Atecia: Aurora: Meetings, and Reunions

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The day Aurora found a safe way to get to the mountains was the day she made her first journey there. She didn’t think she ever would, even though she really wanted to see her father again. It had been a long time since the day he escaped, knowing that if he didn’t he would be executed, and she thought he deserved to hear what had happened to his wife and son from his own daughter. He might already know, but that didn’t matter. It was something they needed to talk about, as well as the choice she’d made to take over the job of getting people safely to the mountains on the very day she lost her remaining family, because she was certain he did already know about that. Really, considering the number of people she’d sent there, there was no way he couldn’t know, and she had a feeling he wasn’t going go be happy that she’d made that decision.

Aurora’s World: Ialaera: Mirica: A Thief in the House

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Mirica didn’t know what it was that caught her attention, but it was probably nothing more than the tiniest noise. Like her brother she heard things that no one else did and there had been a couple of times when that ability had saved both their lives. That time… She made her way down the…

Aurora’s World: Ialaera: Jillian: Hunted

It was simple enough to recognise a thief, but recognising them didn’t make the getting away part any easier. Once they’d seen someone, anyone, with some power, no matter how little it was, that person became a target. After that the only real choice was to run if you wanted to live, even though there was no guarantee they wouldn’t find you. Some of them had the ability to track people by their power and Jillian had been dealing with that ever since she’d become a target. No matter where she went or what she did, he was always there, one step behind her, and she knew she’d never be able to stop running. At least not if she wanted to live.

Aurora’s World: Ialaera: Mackenzie: The Thieves’ Hideout

Mackenzie checked to make sure she was alone before she reached up with her hand and grabbed hold of the chain. Only certain magic users were permitted to know of its existence, because it led to a sanctuary mostly inhabited by the thieves. She was lucky to be one of them, especially as she would never steal anyone’s magic, but instead she would help the people who couldn’t cope with blooming. It meant she had more magic than most of the thieves, she had to watch her back more than anyone else would, and if anyone ever found out who she really was…