The Brotherhood: Kara: Meeting Daniel

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The address Kara had got from the Internet took her to a house in the middle of the countryside. It had been a long journey that she’d spent entirely in fox form, and all she wanted to do was have a hot bath as a human, but that didn’t mean she was going to be stupid. Daniel was an unknown, even though he was Mim’s brother, so she carefully walked toward the house, keeping an eye out for anything unusual. Moments later she found herself trapped in a cage. Blinking, confused by its sudden movement, she looked around in an attempt to find out where it had come from.

The Brotherhood: Kara: Daniel’s Takeover

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Lucas walked into the room. He was an easy person to spot. One corner of the lounge always filled with girly sighs and Kara could feel his power. She didn’t have to look up to know that he was flanked by Simon and Andrew. They were his best friends so they were always together. When she looked up he was heading in her direction, alone. Simon went to sit with another of their friends, Gary, while Andrew headed straight for Eric. Eric wasn’t interested in Andrew but that didn’t mean that Andrew was going to give up. When he set his heart on someone he usually got what he wanted. Kara kept her focus on Lucas.

The Brotherhood: Kara: Talking with Daniel

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She led Daniel to the study, getting the feeling that he was letting her lead him simply because he didn’t know his way around. Once he did know his way around it would be a different matter, but Kara knew he’d do everything he could to keep hold of her hand. It wasn’t what she wanted. She’d left him behind for a reason and she hadn’t expected him to actually manage to follow her to the house. Sighing, she opened the door, blinking at the light of the crystal, before stepping into a room that she thought of as Tristan’s.

The Brotherhood: Miriam: Alive, Again

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Slowly Miriam opened her eyes. It was a strange sensation. Her eyelids felt heavier than they had done before, but that might have been because she wasn’t used to them. The rest of her body felt numb. She knew without trying that she wouldn’t be able to move, even though she wanted to, because she wanted to get away from the people around her. Hearing had been the first sensation to come back, so she’d been able to hear a conversation between the two people who were with her and she knew her younger brother was the reason she’d been brought back to life.

The Brotherhood: Conrad: Talking with Lucas

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Conrad watched Kara stalk out the door, not quite able to stop himself from smiling. She hadn’t changed much in the time he’d been… away and he was glad. Slowly he reached his hand out to pick up the mug that Lucas had put in front of him. It took Conrad a couple of minutes to make sure that his fingers were wrapped tightly around the handle, because he still wasn’t used to having fingers. Once he had he lifted the mug to his mouth and sipped the hot liquid.

The Brotherhood: Kara: One Step At A Time

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Growling under her breath she opened the kitchen door and stalked out into the garden, because she knew that if she stayed in the kitchen with Lucas then she'd blow up at him. She didn't want to talk to Daniel either, so she headed for where Conrad and Miriam had been buried. It wasn't until…

The Brotherhood: Tatiana: Arriving at the Shapeshifter House

Tatiana was putting off the inevitable. Laying under a bush, uncomfortably, and watching the house was just a way of having a few more minutes alone. She didn’t want to become a part of the community that lived there. It was too easy to imagine what they were like and what she would have been like under different circumstances. From the first moment she had changed into animal form she’d been able to feel the pull of the crystal, but she hadn’t needed to follow it. When her parents had found her fox self curled up under her desk they had known, somehow, that it was their daughter. Looking down at her paw she snuffed. They knew who she was because she had become an arctic fox, which wasn’t native to England.