AU Donor House: Anne: A Bad Idea

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Anne stared at her father. “No.” She shook her head. “Henry is bad enough mortal.” That was something she knew she’d only be safe saying at Hever, because everyone who worked there was loyal to her family, which was why what happened was still a secret. “I don’t believe any King should be immortal, but Henry…” It was impossible not to think of the damage he’d caused when he tried to get over her by using her sister. “This is a mistake.”

AU Donor House: Anne: The Other Vampire

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It was just before dawn. Anne knew she should be going to bed, to the room they’d set up specially for her, but she hated the thought of leaving Henry when he was sleeping. If she didn’t she have to explain why she wasn’t she simply wouldn’t. Telling everyone immortals only chose to sleep during the day wasn’t the best thing she could do, because it would cause more fear and hatred, so she’d leave that for the right time – if there ever was a right time. Sighing, she slowly started walking in the direction of her room, telling herself Henry’s men would be able to protect him, and it was something she had to believe if she’d ever make it to bed. Sleeping was probably a good idea. She had just changed someone into an immortal. She never thought she would. The very thought of making someone into the creature she’d become had been difficult. Actually doing it…

AU Donor House: Anne: Henry Wakes

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Sleeping had been an impossibility. Anne knew it was going to be, but that hadn’t stopped her from trying. She changed into something different, an old dress she’d only brought with her due to the memories held within in, and tidied her hair. Henry probably wouldn’t wake at sunset exactly and it gave her a little time to get from her room to his in order to be there when it happened. If it happened. The very thought of him being one of the few who didn’t wake seemed so unlikely she shouldn’t be thinking it, although there was a part of her that hoped he might not… and even that part knew it would be a major issue if he didn’t. He didn’t have an heir. There was only the Princess Mary and no one would want her to claim it. She was ‘just’ a woman. Nothing more.