Donor House: Nick: Saving Alice

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Ever since Nick had left his creator he’d been looking for a place he could call home. The search had been longer than he’d ever expected it to be. It had been over four hundred years since the night he’d walked away. He didn’t believe in the theory that he would only ever feel like he was at home when he was with his creator as his creator was the reason he’d left in the first place. Four years had been more than long enough in the company of that vampire and his other ‘children’. Calling them ‘children’ disgusted him, but it was the only description he really knew for them.

Donor House: Alice: Nick’s New Home

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Breathing a mental sigh of relief at the sight of the house, Alice told herself she was doing the right thing. Nick had saved her. The fact he was a vampire didn’t change the fact he’d put himself in danger when he didn’t have to, and that was the best reason she could think of to help him, even though she couldn’t help wondering how he was going to repay her. It would be so easy to believe the words he was saying. Yet the lessons she’d been taught were enough to keep her wary. No matter how good a person he might be there was still a chance his blood lust might end up getting the better of him. Should he do that around her… she pushed the thought aside. It was something to deal with if the time came, and that time was definitely not right then, because she was meant to be the one stopping her brother from doing anything stupid.

Donor House: Blake: The Auction

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Blake looked around the room. There were twelve other people, all of whom were sat silently with their eyes locked on the door. Every one of them had been in there for longer than him and they were all patiently waiting for something to happen. It was the only thing they could do because the room was windowless, so the smell of sweating bodies was beginning to get overwhelming, and the door was guarded by two vampires. One of the two would enter the room if there was any noise at all, which was never good. The girl who had entered the room with Blake hadn’t wanted to be quiet. She had been taken away by one of the guards and hadn’t returned. Blake thought she was probably dead so, even though he wasn’t exactly happy about being some vampire’s blood slave, he kept quiet like everyone else.

Donor House: Caleb: Taken

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Walking around at night wasn’t safe. Everyone knew that. Vampires had taken over the world and humans were nothing more than prey. Caleb wouldn’t have been out if he had any other choice, but with his little sister missing he couldn’t just sit at home hoping she’d walk through the door. His parents had tried to talk him out of going, because they didn’t want to lose him too, and a part of him felt guilty for leaving even when he knew how afraid they were that he’d be kidnapped by vampires. It seemed likely that was what had happened to his sister, as she made her way home from a party she shouldn’t have been at.

Donor House: Nick: Talking to Issac

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“We’re evil to them,” Issac growled, curling his hands around a glass of whiskey that he wasn’t drinking. “Just because we need blood to survive we’re evil.” He tightened his hands. “They don’t think that leeches or ticks are evil just because they need blood to survive.”

Donor House: Nick: First Night at the House

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Nick had packed everything. Even if the Donor House didn’t work he wasn’t going to go back to the house he and Alice had left behind. It was time to move on to pastures new. He turned, glanced at Alice, and sighed, because he didn’t know what she’d do if the House didn’t work out. They always said they’d stay together, but maybe it was time for them to part, so she could begin living her own life again. She’d probably argue against it, the way she always did, saying that they were better off together, and he’d probably give in, even though he felt like he was the source of all her problems.

Donor House: Saskia: Becoming a Vampire

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It was late, much later than I’d normally be walking home, but things had taken longer than I thought they would. After trying on what felt like hundreds of dresses, drinking a couple more glasses of wine than was usual for a Monday afternoon, and having a long chat with my helpers (my mum, my younger sister, and my best friend), time had flown by, and instead of heading home at four in the afternoon, which would have been quite late enough as the days got shorter, it was seven in the evening. While I was walking I was watching the sun set and hoping that I’d be home before too many vampires woke up.

Donor House: Alice: A Halloween Surprise

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There was a moment when all Alice could do was stare. As it was Halloween she'd made sure that she was on the reception desk, which gave the normal receptionists an unexpected night off, just in case someone turned up that she didn't want in the House. Halloween brought out all the creepiest vampires. What…

Donor House: Rex: Saving Melody

A tear trickled down Rex’s cheek as he looked at the car. He’d promised himself he would protect the children of his friends and sister, because he hadn’t been able to protect his friends, and seeing Melody’s car with a tree in the bonnet meant that he’d once again failed. Slowly he walked towards it, knowing that she would never have been able to survive the crash, wanting to say sorry for being useless, when a faint noise caught his attention. It was coming from the car, so he sped up, wondering if maybe, against all odds, she had survived such a huge accident.

Donor House: Melody: Waking Up

The first thing Melody noticed was the sound of snoring. At first she wasn’t really awake, so she thought it was the end of a dream, because she was sure she could remember her car going into a tree and a vampire saving her life. It seemed so utterly impossible that even when she was awake enough to open her eyes that she couldn’t quite believe that she could hear snoring. Being able to hear someone snoring, when it wasn’t something she would normally hear in her bedroom, could mean only one thing. Her dream hadn’t been a dream. Slowly, breathing deeply in an attempt to stop herself from panicking, she sat up and stared down at the vampire who had saved her life.