The Fae World: Arkal: Erin: Saving the Dragons

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When Erin was almost out of the window a hand grabbed hold of her leg and pulled her back into the room. All she had a chance to do was let go of the files in the hope that she’d be able to retrieve them. Her feet had barely touched the ground when she was almost picked up by the owner of the hand. The only thing she really had a chance to notice about him, other than his gender, was the slave collar he wore around his neck so she knew that he was only following orders. That didn’t stop her from trying to fight her way free but he was a lot stronger than she had expected him to be.

The Fae World: Arkal: Adara: Becoming a Dragon

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Like everyone else they’d both heard the rumours. The Dragons were back. Although that did mean admitting that the Dragons had existed in the first place, which was something no one had done for centuries. When they disappeared they left no trace of themselves behind, no history, no bones, nothing whatsoever, and that meant that there had been no proof that the stories everyone had read since the rumours started were more than that. Yet that was all beginning to make sense, as much as everyone hated to admit it, if the Dragons had been kept as slaves since the end of the war and those who were close to death chose to use the last of their life energy in order to hide their city.