The Fae World: Benira and Lorasia: Lena: Saving Jake

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They walked together, holding hands as they usually did. Lena didn’t have a destination in mind. It was just nice to have time to spend with Jake. Often they were both too busy to spend any time together and that was why they hadn’t really made anything official. For her it was easier because it meant she didn’t feel the need to tell him. If they were together then it would be different, she would have to tell him. Keeping him in the dark was dangerous enough as it was but there was no reason anyone should know who he was, yet.

The Fae World: Benira and Lorasia: Nik: Blood Magic

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Hattie looked far less worried than she had done before. I’d only guessed that she knew Phoebe, because I didn’t think there was any other reason she would have put up with me for as long as she had, but the way she acted… no matter who she was she really had cared about my sister. There were questions I wanted to ask about what they might have done to Phoebe, even though the answers were terrifying to think about, let alone hear. My own fear was the reason I hadn’t already asked them. Part of me was pushing for me to, while the rest of me wondered if it was better than I didn’t know.