The Fae World: Creoth: Cassandra: Returning

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As I stood on the doorstep, hoping I was only going to have to deal with one of the two brothers, I found myself wishing my life was simpler. When he answered the door I did my best not to show any of the emotions I was feeling. For far too long the two of us simply stared at each other. Fortunately Erik appeared behind Axel right when I was about to say the wrong thing.

The Fae World: Creoth: Lily: Aeron Returns

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There was only one person who would knock on my door at 3am. For a moment I lay in bed, hoping he’d go away, but then he knocked again. “Lily.” His voice was little more than a whisper, but I could hear him like he was right beside me. “Come on, little sister. I need you.”

The Fae World: Benira and Lorasia: Harriet: The Truth

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As gently as I could I pulled together the wound. There were no sounds as I did it, but I knew it had to hurt. It was better that I fixed the damage, because if I didn’t things would be a hundred times worse, and yet I couldn’t help thinking I shouldn’t. With a damaged leg there was no chance of the same thing happening a second time, at least for a while. Of course it would still happen. There was no way of convincing Nikolaus to leave things as they were. He’d made his mind up, and he was too stubborn to let anyone make him see that he was never going to be able to change anything.

The Fae World: Creoth: Ebony: The Party

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Sending a letter, as I’d expected, hadn’t changed anything. That might have been enough for someone else. At least they’d tried. It wasn’t their fault they hadn’t been heard. Knowing what I knew made that impossible, for me. Doing something to change what was coming was a necessity. Unfortunately, like anything really worth doing, it wasn’t going to be easy, which was why I’d dressed up in my finest to go to a party I wouldn’t have gone to for any other reason. Like always Alexander was surrounded by people. Feeling like I wasn’t going to get anywhere near him right then I waited. I stood in the shadows, a drink in my hand, and rehearsed, for what had to be the hundredth time, what I was going to say to him. Eventually, after what seemed like hours, he did step away from everyone. His security followed him. I followed his security, sure the only place he could be going was the bathroom.