The Fae World: Earth: Claire: Inheriting a Hotel

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It was early, much earlier than Claire would normally wake up on her day off, but she hadn’t been able to sleep. The letter she’d received had been cryptic and it had become the only thing she could think about, in part because it seemed like the beginning of one of those really awful horror movies. A great-uncle she’d never heard of had died, which wasn’t really that strange as she had loads of family she’d never met before, leaving behind a dilapidated hotel that she had apparently inherited, and that was the part she couldn’t understand. Why would someone she’d never met leave her anything in his will?

The Fae World: Earth: Claire: Meeting Willow

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There were two things Claire noticed as she made her way around the hotel – it was empty of guests, and it was far bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. Knowing the fae the latter was to be expected, but the former was unsettling. Earning a living from something like a hotel meant having guests, although it was possible Bran’s death… the story he’d told her wasn’t easy to believe, and yet it was one she’d heard so many times. People who’d never thought for a moment they might have fae blood were finding that, actually, something had happened in the past that had led to that being a possibility. Sighing, she raked a hand through her hair. Her blood meant she was the one to inherit the hotel. Her blood meant she was probably going to be stuck with the place until she died.

The Fae World: Earth: Rosalind: Spellbound

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The bathroom seemed the best place to go. I could feel the spell wrapping around me, and I tried to breathe as it tightened around my rib cage. It wasn’t the easy thing I’d ever had to do. Whatever had been used made me want to curl up on the floor and sleep, but I knew that letting the spell get the better of me was going to be a mistake. Then my cousin would grab me the way he’d been threatening to since he realised what I could do, because he needed me for the next step in his plan to take over the world. Laughing at him when he asked me for help probably hadn’t helped things.

The Fae World: Earth: Ava: Unexpected Magic

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Ava never would have known she had magic if it hadn’t been for the jack o’ lantern. At first it had seemed totally normal. She, along with her sisters, had made a jack o’ lantern every year since their mum had disappeared, almost hoping that one of them would guide her back to them. Unfortunately it hadn’t happened yet, and she’d been gone for seven years, so it seemed unlikely she would ever return, but that never stopped them. The year the fae arrived they did the same thing they always did. It had taken them some time to find the perfect pumpkins, because that was one of the most important parts. Each of them had a different idea of what made the perfect pumpkin: Ava’s always had to be the right shade of orange; Fallon’s had to be the right size; and Mabyn’s had to feel just right. She dreaded to think what other people thought of them when they watched them paying so much attention to picking out the right pumpkin.

The Fae World: Earth: Emily: Looking for Jennifer

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Another missing person. Sighing, I looked down at the picture I’d been given. Like the others she was a teenage girl, who’d become more secretive recently, and that told me exactly what I was dealing with. Even though Willow had made it obvious anyone using the humans around them would be punished harshly that didn’t stop it. Far too many of them didn’t give a damn what she said, because, to them, she wasn’t the true Queen. Instead she was someone standing in the way of a true monarch, one who would make the right choices. If they found out she’d come to me, to ask for my help, they would have been even more determined to take her throne from her. Unlike them she understood. Being human meant my people trusted me, and, slowly, word had passed from one parent to the next. I was the person to come to if they needed help to find a lost child.

The Fae World: Earth: Eleanor: Going Back in Time

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“We need your help.” Eleanor had no idea where the voice was coming from, but it was obviously somewhere in the building. Looking for it, she was certain, would end up being a mistake, and she did think about leaving without doing what she’d gone there to do in the first place. If she wasn’t getting paid for it she would have walked away. Unfortunately she needed the money. “Lea, we know why you’re here.”

The Fae World: Earth: Tamara: Found

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Very few humans ever found an entrance to the fae school. When they did it was seen as a great achievement and they were automatically accepted for training. Some of the older fae didn’t think that any human should ever be accepted into the fae school so they did all they could to make sure that all the entrances stayed hidden. It didn’t always work. Occasionally the increased protection actually helped a human find an entrance. Tamara was one of those humans.

The Fae World: Earth: Tamara: The Dorm

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When Petunia parked the car, Tamara got out, grabbing her books from the glove box, and it was then she realised she had no idea what had happened to her suitcase. She was relieved when Petunia got it out of the boot of the car. Smiling she took it in her free hand and started walking towards the school. Finding out something so unexpected had thrown her for a while. It would take her some time to get used to the idea that she really did have a living relative who was fae, even though she knew it was a possibility considering the fact she’d found an entrance to the school.

The Fae World: Earth: Adrian: The Coffee Shop

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To begin with Adrian stood, looking through the window of the coffee shop. It was well known as the place where humans with fae magic went if they hadn’t got into the school and from what he could see he was beginning to think the elders really had made a huge mistake. He’d already been certain it was a mistake – he just hadn’t know quite how bad it truly was. At least three people had real wings, not just glamoured ones, there were more people with shapeshifter blood in there than he’d ever seen before, and, thanks to his cousin Naida, he could see someone who was half-mer too. Sighing, he dropped his glamour, knowing it was how it would be accepted, before using a lightly shaking hand to open the door.