The Fae World: Iaenos: Keeley: Trapped

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The first thing Keeley did was check her way back. Being the first one to test the newly created worlds was always worrying, because they could never be quite certain there was a way out, and that time there wasn’t. For a moment she wanted to laugh. It was either that, or cry, and she wasn’t going to cry. Knowing how dangerous it was meant they were always ready for the worst to happen – and being stuck wasn’t the very worst that could happen. Due to the way they created the games she knew there was a way out. All she had to do was play through the story line, which should be simple enough. She knew the story line. She’d studied it for days, to make certain she could play her way home, as there was far too many occasions where the testers had had to play their way home. Sighing, she looked around, certain there would be a pick-up close by.

The Fae World: Iaenos: Keeley: The Guide

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Reaching the bottom was a relief. Every time Keeley was dropped from one platform to the next she found herself panicking for a few seconds, certain she was going to end up falling all the way down. It didn’t matter how many times she’d successfully dropped from one to the next. The further down they…