The Fae World: Kalinia: Pandora: Creating the Fae

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Finally the day had come. Pandora had been waiting for over a century, although it had felt much longer than that, but all the souls had been collected. Their plan was an unusual one, because it involved willing volunteers. Normally they would just gather the souls and wipe their memories without them having any knowledge of what had happened. It had a high failure rate. More souls remembered who they had been before that way than they did when they had chosen to be involved, so this time they’d waited patiently for the five hundred they needed, instead of giving up halfway through the way they normally did. As she walked through the room they’d designated as soul storage she smiled. Every single one of them had volunteered to be a part of their experiment, knowing what that meant. They’d agreed to having their memories wiped, which would be replaced by memories of who they had become, before being placed on a world where they would have to learn to survive alone.

The Fae World: Kalinia: Aeron: The Creation of the Dragons

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Aeron was certain they were making a huge mistake. He glanced at the souls that were sitting in crystal jars on the side, trying not to let the sight of them get to him. Under normal circumstances they would have used second-hand souls, who had already lived at least three lives, from fae who had volunteered. Making a whole new race of people wasn’t normal circumstances, because the new Queen was family and wanted to experiment with her abilities, so they’d created new souls too, which was… he shook his head. It shouldn’t have been done, and he no longer wanted to be part of the experiment, but he had no choice. His Queen had given the command that it was time to try to place a soul within one of the newly created dragon bodies.

The Fae World: Kalinia: Leif: Unexpected News

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The door to his father’s study was closed, which was unusual for so early in the morning. For a moment Leif stared at it, thinking about maybe knocking, before making the decision that wasn’t what he wanted to do. If the door was closed there was a reason for it. As it wasn’t unusual for people to keep things he should know from him he made the decision eavesdropping was probably the better choice. Knowing more about the castle than anyone else helped. He made his way round to the room he knew he’d be able to hear the whole conversation, hoping he’d be in time.

The Fae World: Kalinia: Mirai: The Curse

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It wasn’t unusual for Mirai’s father to disappear off with one of his advisers before breakfast, but this time something seemed different. She looked at her mother, who obviously hadn’t noticed anything as she was spreading jam on her toast, before thinking back to what had woken her up. There had been times before when Leif had woken her up, because something had happened that would affect them both, and normally she did answer, knowing that as a son he had more information than she ever would have. Unfortunately she hadn’t made it to the communication crystal before he’d rung off, so she didn’t know what was happening the way she would have done if she had answered, and she couldn’t leave the table in the middle of breakfast without explaining why to her mother, which wasn’t something she wanted to do.

The Fae World: Kalinia: Adriana: The Duke’s Ball

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When Nate asked me for help the last thing I was expected was for the two of us to end up at a fancy ball. Normally when he asked for help I’d find myself covered in mud, blood, and a lot of nastiness I really don’t much like thinking about. As he made certain the mask he’d bought me was on tightly I studied him. He seemed more tightly wound than he ever had done before, which was worrying. Even at the goriest of jobs he was laid back about it all, often joking about whatever ended up in my hair, so his quiet perfectionism was something I didn’t much like. I could have asked him what the problem was. Maybe I should have done, but I didn’t want to make things harder for them than they already were. Instead I double checked that his tie was straight and his mask was comfortable.

The Fae World: Kalinia: Cowal: Talking to Adrianna

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When Nate walked in with Adrianna on his arm I knew exactly what he, and his brother, were doing. Had it not been for Richard Nate would never have known who she was. That would have been better for everyone involved. Seeing the pain in her eyes when she realised the man she loved was betraying her… had I been anyone else I would have been able to comfort her, but I wasn’t. She didn’t trust me, and that I understood. I was the Duke of West, a title that came with certain connotations that I’d done nothing to dispel when I inherited it, knowing that they would help me in the future. People who looked at me saw my father’s son. People who got to know me quickly realised I was nothing like my father. Adrianna didn’t know me. There was a chance she would never see past the person I pretended to be.

The Fae World: Kalinia (post-apoc): Marie: The Chosen Twin

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There were sounds coming from the other side of the room. At first it was impossible for me to tell what they were, but, slowly, I came to understand that they were voices, and one of those voices belonged to my sister. I tried to open my eyes. Something was urging me to go back to sleep, that what I was hearing didn’t matter, but I ignored that. What I was hearing did matter. As I stopped trying to open my eyes I found it easier to focus. Obviously I only had the mental strength to be able to fight to hear or to see. It wasn’t until much later I worked out what had been done to me. Before I had a chance to learn who I truly was it never once crossed my mind magic of any sort might be real, so back then I couldn’t understand why everything was so hard. Had I known things might have worked out differently. Unfortunately I didn’t.

The Fae World: Kalinia (post-apoc): Amber: A Job, and a Choice

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Applying for a transfer hadn’t worked. Jaya hated Amber and yet didn’t want to let her go. It didn’t make any sense at all. For the last six months she’d just got easy jobs the newbies could have done, even if they didn’t have any experience. She’d thought far more seriously than she’d believed possible about retraining as a scout, but it didn’t have the same appeal. All she’d ever wanted to be was a thief. That was what her father had been. Her mother didn’t want her to follow in her father’s footsteps, because he had died during one raid. They’d last seen each other the day Amber started training to be a thief. Sighing, she left her room, knowing she couldn’t put it off any longer. When she got to the jobs board no one else was there. There was less embarrassment if she was alone, even though she knew everyone already knew what job she had. At first she avoided looking at her name. Instead she checked on what jobs the newbies had. She couldn’t help worrying about Kenner when she saw that the new girl had been assigned a job that only an experienced thief should have, a thief like Amber. Finally she looked at her name.

The Fae World: Kalinia (post-apoc): Kenner: The Magicians Attack

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While Kenner ran from the Silver House to the portal she tried not to think, because she didn’t want to, but it was hard. She had so many questions about what had just happened. They’d never gone through a situation like it in training and that made her wonder how Amber had known that breaking a window would disperse the darkness. That thought then led to Kenner asking herself why it was so easy to disperse the darkness. It wasn’t something she knew anything about, but there had to be a simple reason why breaking a window would disperse a spelled darkness. Arrogance could easily be part of it or the magicians not knowing that someone outside of their group knew that it was possible, but that didn’t feel right.