The Fae World: Talis: Astrid: Called

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The call had drawn her to what appeared to be a school. After everything she’d been through Astrid knew better than to think what she was seeing was what she was actually going to be dealing with. She wouldn’t have been called if there wasn’t something unusual going on. Biting hard on her lip, her heart pounding in that way it always did when she found herself standing close to a lot of magic, she gave herself a moment to think things through. Just running in, as much as she wanted to, wasn’t going to do her any good, so she took a few steps backwards, in the hope it would help. It didn’t. Whatever was in that school was strong, and strong often meant dangerous. Raking a hand through her hair she thought about the stories she’d heard while she was in town.

The Fae World: Talis: Beth: Waking Up

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Without opening my eyes I rolled to turn my phone alarm off. Instead of finding my phone, in the place where it should have been, my fingers hit a lamp. I lay still for a few seconds, my fingers on that lamp. It was real. I could feel it, even though I wished I couldn’t. The familiar sound of my alarm continued, as I accepted the fact it had happened to me, because I didn’t have any other option. Everyone had heard stories about people who’d found themselves living out the storyline from one of their favourite books, becoming a part of one of the T.V. series they watched, or learning the truth about a game they’d played. No one ever really thought it would happen to them until it did. I’d never once thought I would be one of those people, only I was, so I needed to work out where I was… and who I’d become.

The Fae World: Talis: Raina: The Bed and Breakfast

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I paced from one side of the motel room to the other. Waiting was something I was normally good at, but when I had someone I needed to keep safe it was a different matter. The strongest wards I could possibly have created were wrapped around the room, so no one should be able to get in, unless someone who was stronger than me had finally picked up on the fact Ethan even existed. A knock on the door made me jump. Jared’s car wasn’t visible out the window. That didn’t mean he wasn’t there, and I made my way over to the peephole, doing my best to ignore the way Ethan was looking at me. Seeing Sam was a relief. I took the time to make certain it really was him, and then opened to door.