The Fae World: Ieria: Tess: The Farm

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The first thing I noticed was the roof above me. When I’d gone to sleep I’d been looking up at my painted ceiling, like I always did, and what was above me definitely wasn’t that. Instead it looked to be made of wood… as though I was sleeping in a hut. For a moment all I did was lay there, hoping it was all a dream. I’d heard about people finding themselves in the games they played, but this… I shook my head. Up until it happened it didn’t seem like it was possible, and now it had… well, on the upside at least I had an idea which game I was in, although that didn’t make the whole things any easier. Honestly, it might actually have made it more difficult. When I glanced at the clock beside me I saw it was 5.30am. That was a time I’d only ever seen before when I was pulling an all nighter.

The Fae World: Ieria: Anna: The New Farmer

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I watched Tess for a moment. None of the new farmers had been ready for what happened to them, but that was understandable. Suddenly finding themselves on a world that was so like one in a game they played wasn’t something anyone could expect. Yet, as hard as it was for them, I couldn’t help feeling grateful for their arrival. Had it not happened… I pushed that thought aside. It wasn’t going to happen. Not with them in the places they were most needed. My world wasn’t going to fall apart. Thankfully. Even if some of them didn’t work out I was certain enough of them would, and that was what was needed.