The Fae World: Thian: Lottie: New Game

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For a long time all Lottie could do was stare at the options in front of her. It definitely wasn’t what she’d been expecting. She’d read about the light, and the door, and all sorts of other things, but she’d never once heard about someone who’d died being faced with the choice of pressing one of three buttons. Heaven sounded boring, to be honest. The last thing she wanted was to end up somewhere that was meant to be perfect. Hell… well, she’d heard a lot about hell, and she couldn’t be certain that any of it was true, but that didn’t meant she wanted to put herself in danger of being tortured for the rest of time. After thinking it through it seemed like the only thing she could do was press ‘New Game’ and hope for the best.

The Fae World: Thian: Bastien: Talking to Lottie

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the Fae World: Thian collection

“Thian is a world with magic.” Bastien stood, making his way over to the window. “It’s the reason we’re here.” He thought back to his own arrival, and how complicated it had been. Lottie seemed to be taking it all much better, but then there was no way for him to know what she was truly thinking or feeling. “Someone who’s given the chance to call Thian home is here because the world wanted to give them another chance to live out the life they should have had.” Running his tongue over his lips he turned to look at her. “You do know how you’re here, don’t you?”