Kim’s Earth: Bethany: Waking Up

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The last thing I remember before falling asleep, or possibly passing out, was how badly my entire body ached. Like everyone else I’d had the injection. All the actors had gone first, waving for the cameras, somehow managing to act normal when they came out, as though everything was fine even though they must have all felt as bad as I did. The director had followed, because people knew him too, and it was important that they saw someone they felt they knew going in for the injection. It would do good things for the fear some of the newspapers had been spreading, about how the injection hadn’t been properly tested.

Kim’s Earth: Louisa: Meeting Edward

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The knock was unexpected to say the least. If it was someone who’d come looking for another house to ransack it was far more likely they’d have just broken in. As I stared at the door, wondering if I was stupid enough to answer it, the letterbox opened. “Is anyone there?” The voice was male, and I was almost certain I recognised it. “I need help.” Everyone did after what had happened, so that wasn’t going to make me do anything I might end up regretting. “I’m looking for someone to talk to.” He sounded almost like he was about to start crying. “Please, if you’re in there, all I want is a friend.”

Kim’s Earth: Matt: Changes

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There were two types of newspaper report before the day of the injection. Most of them were written by journalists paid by the World Government to make everything seem fine, to tell the world that it had been properly tested and there was nothing anyone needed to worry about, because they did care about everyone. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t have gone to all the effort of making a long-lasting, gender neutral, contraceptive. A few told what turned out to be the truth. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, my parents believed the reports that said the injection was dangerous due to a lack of testing, and that belief is the reason they sent me to one of the old nuclear bunkers, where they thought I would be safe enough if any Government officials did happen to come looking for the people who didn’t turn up. Neither of them cared about having to pay the fine.

Kim’s Earth: Kim: The Injection

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Kimberley knew there was something wrong when no one answered the phone. Without stopping to think about what the repercussions might be she walked home. It had been three days, three very long days, since both her parents had been given the new contraceptive injection and she couldn’t help worrying. The World Government said it was safe, that it had been through thorough and rigorous testing, but no one really believed them. Not after what they’d done before. As they had lied then it would be easy enough for them to lie again, which was why her parents had hidden her away in an unused nuclear bunker before the injections. They’d been fined, but they wanted her to be safe. They needed her to be safe, because she had two younger brothers who would have to be looked after if something happened to their parents, although that hadn’t been something they’d thought too much about in advance.

Kim’s Earth: Kim: Responsibilities

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Biting her lip Kimberley knocked on the door, hoping that someone would answer it. When no one did she tried the door. It was unlocked so she walked into the house. Under normal circumstances she would never have just walked into the house, even though Isabel was her best friend. The first thing she noticed was that the baby was crying. It wasn’t exactly hard to notice considering how loud the crying was. Tears welled up in her eyes because she knew that the last thing anyone in that family would do was ignore a crying baby. Isabel’s mum was the type of person who would crawl on her knees to a baby that needed her.

Kim’s Earth: Kim: Changes

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On her way to her room she passed her dad’s study. The door was closed, so she opened it and walked into the room. At first the only thing Kimberley could do was stare at everything they were going to lose. No electricity meant they had no electronics at all and the computer that sat on the desk was going to be useless. There would be no Internet connection, which meant the world was going to be a very large place once again. It was something they were all going to have to get used to, because they’d always lived in a world full of technology and food that was readily available at the local supermarket. On the desk, next to the computer, she found three envelopes. Seeing them made her smile, even though tears were welling up in her cheeks. He’d left a letter for each of his children. She picked them up. Kimberley’s letter was on top. After looking at it for a few moments she put it into her back pocket with the other two. She didn’t want to read it yet. Her choices were made, with the help of both her brothers, and she was happy with them. If her dad suggested anything she knew she would feel like she had to do as he suggested, so she simply wasn’t going to read it until they were all settled in at her nan’s house. She had one last look around the room and then left everything that represented the life she’d had before behind.

Kim’s Earth: Kim: Moving

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Kimberley didn't look back. Leaving her home behind was difficult, but it was made harder because she knew she was also leaving behind her parent's grave. If she looked back she knew she would want to go back and she couldn't. Staying at home wouldn't work because it would be too cold when winter came.…

Kim’s Earth: Kate: Heading Home

Three days after the injection Kate was beginning to feel uncomfortable. She’d ended up sharing a bunker with six other people, because one of her parents had read too many conspiracy theories, and under normal circumstances she would never have spent more than five minutes with any of them. It wasn’t that she disliked them, because she actually found herself getting on with the group, but she hadn’t heard from her parents since the night after they’d had the injection, which was beginning to worry her. A couple of others were also talking about heading home, even though they’d all been told to stay for at least a week.

Kim’s Earth: Lauren: A Change of Ownership

As I got closer to the block of flats that Woody had taken over I began to get the feeling that something had gone wrong. Normally he would have had someone out there waiting for me, because I always went to see him on the same day, but the only people I saw were people I didn’t recognise. Stopping, I bent to tie my shoelace, to give myself time to think about what my next step should be, and that was when two of the strangers took a couple of steps closer to me. It wasn’t impossible that something had happened to him, even though he’d always been careful. Like he’d always said I was vulnerable because I was female.

Kim’s Earth: Anastasia: Lauren’s Arrival

Crying again wasn’t going to change anything. Anastasia pushed aside the emotions, doing her best not to think about how things might be for her sister, and instead focused on Lauren. Of course she was surprised to find Woody was gone. The last time she visited he was still pretending he was normal, still making it seem like he was the man he had always been, still doing his best not to push her into doing something it was obvious she didn’t want to do, even though that pretence had quickly faded once she was gone. After that his emotions had been all over the place. He didn’t believe that she didn’t want to join with them. Like so many things he’d been able to blame the World Government for her choice, wanting to believe she was trapped by them. Forcing her to stay would be nothing more than rescuing her.