The Magi: Silvana: The Meeting

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Looking around the room gave Silvana an idea of what she was up against if she was going to try freeing her people from the Carne. She knew everyone was there because they believed in her, but she wasn’t sure if she believed in herself. At least a hundred pairs of eyes stared at her and she wanted to give them something they’d never had before, as they’d all been born in servitude, but she was scared. Every one of them depended on her to find a safe home and food for them all, when she had no more of an idea of what faced them than anyone else.

The Magi: Terrence: An Allergic Reaction to Healing Magic

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It was the only thing Terrence could do to help the girl in his care. He knew, after many lectures from his older sister Marnie and several mentors, that using his energy to heal someone was a last resort. Everything else had to be tried first. It was too easy for energy healing to go wrong. That was why they had turned to making medicines rather than using energy to heal. Sighing he tried not to listen to the voices in his head, repeating the same things over and over again. If he didn’t try energy healing then the girl was going to die the same way all the others had.

The Magi: Thomar: The Illness

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Every report Thomar read seemed worse than the one before. Sighing, he looked out of the window, seeing his city untouched by the illness, and realised, the same way his parents and brothers must have, that their only hope was the Magi. Convincing the Magi to help them seemed impossible. It had been centuries since the Magi had been kept as slaves, yet they still hated the Carne for what their ancestors had done. He didn’t know how he’d feel if he was in their position, even though he hoped that he would have been able to forgive and forget, but he accepted their hatred because he could easily imagine hating the Magi if things had been the other way round.

The Magi: Marnie: Making A Decision

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The matriarch of the Magi would never forgive anything she perceived to be morally wrong. That was why she would never be open to the possibility of helping the Carne, even in their hour of greatest need. They had once, long ago, kept the Magi as slaves and, even though there was no longer anyone in either race who lived through those days, she would not forget that. So when a Carne male walked into the council hall one autumn afternoon, in the same way that someone from any other race would, everyone already knew what her answer to his plea for help would be. Her daughter Marnie knew better than anyone because she had been the one to listen, unwillingly, to the many diatribes her mother had gone on.