The Ships: Natalya: The Letter

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Everyone heard the post come through the letterbox. No one moved for several minutes. It was another day that would change the lives of multiple people. On the other days I’d been lucky. There hadn’t been a letter for me on the doorstep, but we knew it might not last, and finding it was something none of us wanted to do. When far too much time had passed I stood. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to know. Before I was anywhere near the pile of letters I could see it. People had posted what it looked like for others, so I knew it was there. What I didn’t know was which of us it was for. Even though it would be hard I wanted it to be for me. Having to watch my baby sister step onto one of those ships was something I really didn’t want to do. We all knew it was just the World Government clutching at straws. Nothing else they’d done had worked the way they wanted it to. That, for some reason, led to them thinking they should send some of us out there, to find new worlds to colonise. Like we believed it was actually going to happen.

The Ships: Kailani: The Letter

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the The Ships collection

For so many people it would be just another day. Those who were the right age to get the letter would have already been worried, because they knew what might be on the doorstep waiting for them, and Kailani was one of those people. She heard the postman delivering from her room. Unlike most other days she actually cared about what might come through the door. Normally she would have been listening out due to her birthday, as she loved getting cards from the people who loved her. If she was one of the unlucky ones that would never happen again. Breathing deeply, her heart pounding, she slowly made her way down the stairs, seeing her mum standing with the letters in her hand when she was less than half way down.