Thear: Holly: Stepping Onto Thear

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The island was safe. Crossing the sea hadn’t been a mistake. Breathing deeply, the wind blowing my hair, I stepped off the ship. When I was told about it I had no reason to believe there would be any problems. In all the time Hekate had been talking to me she hadn’t caused me to make any mistakes. Finding out there was somewhere safe… it was our only option. Considering what was happening it had been our only option for a long time, but until I was told about the island I had no way of knowing it was there. Some of the others had only followed me out of hope. They didn’t believe me. They were still having trouble coming to terms with the fact I spoke with a deity, as it had seemed so impossible, and yet I had brought them to safety. It was the first time we had been safe for a long time.

Thear: Persephone: First Meeting with Aisling

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On Thear it was the night of the full moon. It was also the first full moon after Aisling’s sixth birthday. That meant it was time. Persephone had spent most of the day preparing for her first meeting with the girl she had been watching but she still felt nervous. Breathing deeply to try to make it fade, she checked the pool to make sure Aisling was deeply asleep before calling to her. While she waited she berated herself for being so silly. She’d been a goddess for over two thousand years and she’d easily met thousands of people in that time, which meant there was no reason to be nervous when meeting a six-year-old girl. Even a six-year-old Thearan girl.

Thear: Trey: Meeting Aisling

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A candle provided the only light in the room. It was the morning of the winter solstice and Trey was awake well before sunrise. Most days he was awake well before sunrise, but for once he had a reason. He knew it wouldn’t be long before the new High Priestess of Persephone arrived at the Residence and he wanted to be the first person to meet her. Sighing, he put his quill down on the desk. Aisling was meant to be the right person, a true priestess who would do what needed to be done, but that didn’t stop him from worrying. Every time he thought of the change that was coming he knew that they needed strong people in the position of High Priest and High Priestess, but they didn’t seem to exist.

Thear: Aisling: Arriving at the Residence

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Aisling hated talking about people when she knew they could hear her, but she needed to talk to Logan about Trey and he had brought the subject up first. She looked at the back of Trey’s head, wondering what he was thinking, before looking back at Logan. There was something about him that she really didn’t like. When she had some time to herself she’d work out what it was. Until then she had to push away that feeling so she could talk to him without the dislike she felt creeping into her voice.

Thear: Genevieve: North Square’s Solstice

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“Solstice,” Genevieve started, trying not to meet anyone’s eyes, “shortest day, longest night, on this day winter begins.” Her attempts failed because she found herself staring into her mother Delyth’s eyes and could see the pride filling them, which did make her feel slightly better. “With the fading of autumn a new year commences. Look back on what’s been, bid the old year farewell, give thanks for what it has gifted you with.”

Thear: Orla: Running to North Square

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Orla wrapped an arm around her waist as she looked at the priest of Anubis who had led the winter solstice ritual. He wasn’t a true priest, but one of the many fake priests who had no connection to his deity, and for that reason she didn’t think he had the right to lead a ritual. Unfortunately there was nothing she could do about it. Artemis had told Orla, several times, that she needed to keep her head down and not draw attention to herself in order to keep herself safe. As the only person in her village who knew of the existence of North Square, and had some warning that change was coming soon, she had to be there for anyone who might need her. It just wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Thear: Bree: The Residence

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The last thing Bree ever expected to receive was a message from Trey asking her to visit him at the Residence. It had been years since they had last seen each other, before he had started training to become a priest. Now he was the High Priest of Herne while she was well on her way to becoming the best translator the Dorma had, which wasn’t all that difficult as there were very few Dorma translators. Most of her people preferred working outdoors but she loved working with books so it had been natural for her to fall into translating, even though it meant she had to spend almost all of her time inside.

Thear: Bree: The Fire

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Bree couldn’t sleep. To begin with she’d been laying in bed but she didn’t feel comfortable in it. It was softer than her bed at home. Then she’d sat on the floor for a little while and tried to meditate. She hadn’t been able to stop herself thinking so it hadn’t worked. Finally she’d decided to stare out of the window at the garden even though she couldn’t see anything very well. For a few minutes she had managed to divert her thoughts by contemplating whether she should climb out of the window or not. In the end she decided not to, just in case someone decided to check on her.