The World Walkers: Athare: Emrys: Stepping Onto Athare

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Dreaming of Athare could never have truly prepared Emrys for what it would be like to step onto another world. He was one of the first, as he was one of the creators, so he got to see it before the first building was place, and that was something he would always be grateful for. Even though he knew he should stay near the door his first urge was to start exploring, to see the world they’d would change so much in the future. Fortunately there was already enough people there to stop him from going anywhere, because he would show them how much he knew about Athare, which would lead to questions he wouldn’t know how to answer without lying. Lying wasn’t an option, not if he wanted Riordan and Bronwen to trust him in the future. All he really needed to do was wait until there were too many people there for anyone to notice him slipping off.

The World Walkers: Athare: Garth: A New World

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Stepping onto Athare was easy compared to what they’d dealt with on Kalinia. At the same time they were all wishing there was some way back to the world they’d left behind, even though they knew it was dying. The magic that had kept it alive was almost gone, and they should have realised before the damage they were doing could never be fixed, but it was simpler to pretend that everything was going to be fine. Garth held hands with his two youngest sisters, their only option to move on with their lives, no matter how much they wanted to go back, staring at the door that the fae were still streaming through.

The World Walkers: Athare: Mab: The Meeting

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Sighing, Mab looked down at the table. It would take time to get used to the new elders, who were all much younger than the previous group, but she didn’t have any. The fae didn’t know how not to use their magic, and the last thing she wanted was for Athare to fall apart the same way their old world had done. No one had time to find out what their new world was like before they’d moved, because neither she or the elders had wanted to believe Willow. In hindsight travelling to Earth, and working with humans to make it a world where both races could live together, had been the best thing to do. Unfortunately Mab had buried her head in the sand, like most of the fae royalty, so she now had to work with a group of elders she didn’t know or trust, on a planet she knew nothing about, and attempt to make a life for the fae who had followed her.

The World Walkers: Athare: Mab: Home?

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The walk back to the house that had been created for Mab, and her family, gave her a chance to see the world, and think about what had happened during the Council session. Athare didn’t seem all that different to the world they had left behind, but they had only seen a small part of it. She didn’t feel comfortable allowing any exploration until the Council decided how they would stop the fae from using up Athare’s magic. If something went wrong the first thing the fae would do was turn to their magic, which would mean using up some of the world’s supply, and their lack of knowledge was terrifying. Sighing, she looked at where the doorway had been just three days before, remembering the world she had been forced to leave behind, and reminded herself that she would not make the same mistakes again, or allow her people to.

The World Walkers: Athare: Bronwen: Plans

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No one knew how long the magic of Athare would last. It was a problem they’d all thought about, because leaving Kalinia had been hard enough. The Green who had created the door, Bronwen didn’t know his name, said that if they’d left it a few hours later he wasn’t certain he still would have been able to open the door. As it was they had a shorter time than expected to get everyone through it, which made things even more fraught, so even thinking about having to do it all over again terrified most of the fae, while the rest were trying to work out how to make certain that they wouldn’t. Unfortunately the plans they were making, the plans she had become a part of thanks to the work she had done with Riordan, were ones that she was certain the average fae would only accept until it became real. Once it became real…

The World Walkers: Athare: Aidan: Talking to Eithne

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When they were younger Aidan and Eithne had hated each other. They were half siblings, sharing a mother, so they’d had to spend some time together, but however short that time was it was still too long. Eventually it got to the point where they did actually avoid each other, until the end of Kalinia came. Losing their other siblings, and their fathers, and then their mother, had made them realise that the hatred they had for each other was totally pointless. Of course it hadn’t been until their respective fathers had passed on, fathers who had flamed the bad feelings between the two of them, because they’d both lost the woman – she had gone on, sensibly, to handfast a man that she loved, that she had five children with, who had accepted both Aidan and Eithne without even seeming to think about it, because they hadn’t cared anywhere near as much about bloodlines.

The World Walkers: Athare: Eithne: The First Weaver

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The first Weaver had failed. It wasn’t unexpected, even though Eithne had hoped for a better result, because they’d been forced to leave behind all the records. No one in living memory had created anything more than an animal and to get from there to a sentient humanoid was a step they didn’t know how to take. She didn’t know if the records would have helped as the majority of the experiments had been failures. At the very least she would know what not to replicate. Four experiments had been successful, although the results hadn’t been what was expected, which was the way magic often worked.

The World Walkers: Athare: Riordan: The First World Walker

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It was pure luck that someone was watching when a young girl, who couldn’t have been more than ten-years-old, walked through one of the doors. The watcher, Riordan, was grateful that she’d travelled to one of the safer worlds, instead of finding herself somewhere terrifying and dangerous. He went after her the moment he realised…

The World Walkers: Athare: Tegan: Making A Choice

With Riordan gone Tegan looked at her parents. They looked back at her, and it was easy to see the worry in their eyes. She hadn’t been careful enough. If she had been she never would have been found, but there was nothing she could do to change what had already happened. It was done. All she could do was accept it, while trying to work out what her next step was going to be, because the one thing she knew for certain was that the fae were not going to be happy about the existence of those who could walk the worlds. Everyone knew they hated not being in control. Anyone who knew anything about the Web of worlds was certain they were never going to be in control. They’d used magics they didn’t truly understand, and those magics were already changing on them.

The World Walkers: Athare: Emrys: Travelling Through Time

It was easy enough to gather together all the remaining jars that held the worlds. No one really cared all that much about them, because they’d all moved on to living their new lives and dealing with the changes they’d created. At least the ones who hadn’t shut themselves away in warded settlements, terrified of the choices that had been made, of the new races that had been created, and of the fae who’d done the work to create both the worlds and the races. Emrys wasn’t surprised, because they’d always been scared of what the Yellow family and the Blue family could do. That was why there had always been so many rules created to curtail what they could do with their abilities.