The World Walkers: Gaelom: Kaori: Growing Problems

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Clouds filled the sky. They’d been disappointed too many times before for Kaori to let herself get excited, even though she couldn’t help hoping it might finally happen. She watched closely. When something fell from the sky, something that definitely wasn’t rain, she smiled. Relief flooded her body as she ran the bell to tell everyone to get inside. Instead of it being rain it was what they’d needed for far too long. In not time at all the streets were filled with nuggets.

The World Walkers: Gaelom: Aurelia: The Swamp

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It was my first time choosing a quest, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Honestly the last thing I thought might be a possibility was for my mentor to hold a bag out, with slips of paper in, for us to pick one out. She said it made everything fairer because it was pure luck which one of us got which and as it was our first time she wouldn’t let us swap. We had to deal with the option we’d chosen, by chance, no matter how hard it ended up being. “Remember, trainees, if the quest becomes too difficult for you it is possible for you to walk away, but you only have ten available, so use them carefully.” Nodding, I hoped I wouldn’t need the button at all, but I was grateful they’d thought of something like that, just in case something did go wrong. “A weapon will be there when you step through the portal, as will any other supplies you may need, and take your time. This is the first quest – if it takes you a week to complete then so be it. Don’t let any competition between you stop you from being careful. You won’t die, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be injured. Some trainees have come out of their quests with broken bones, swords in places they really didn’t want swords, and one even lost an eye.