The World Walkers: Athare/Kankirin: Tanis: Escaping

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Twelve had been arrested. Twelve had been sentenced to execution. Twelve were planning to escape. It had been Auberon’s idea, because he could create doors from anything, which was why they were all standing around in their underwear. It was chilly, but seeing the door come together made it all worth it. Falk was the one who had freed them from their cells, with his ability to unlock doors using magic, while Bran was busy creation illusions of them all. Hopefully they would give them a bit more time to get as far away as possible if anyone happened to notice that something strange had happened. Tanis curled her arms around herself, grateful she had ended up with a group of demons who could escape. If she hadn’t she would still be sitting in her cell, waiting for the morning when they would come for her, and she would end up like so many demons had before. Dead.