The World Walkers: Kniroch: Panthea: Back on Kniroch

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It was late when Panthea arrived back on Kniroch. The moon had set long before her arrival, and she was tired. Had she not still had things to do she would have been in bed. Instead she switched her bag to her other shoulder, yawning as she did. Nothing in it was particularly heavy, thankfully, just unwieldy. Ever so often it would settle in the wrong position, and then she’d need to move things about, to stop them from pointing her in the back. As she passed by her cottage she couldn’t help looking at it. Her bed was calling to her. Her bed had been calling to her for hours, but she had a client. The client came first. Then sleep. Sometimes it was a curse that she could travel to all five of Kniroch’s sibling worlds, and sometimes it was a blessing. Had she not been able to travel her life would have been so very different.