The World Walkers: Oracle: Tegan: Helping Mika

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The heat was the first thing that hit me. I’d barely stepped through the door, but I knew it was gone. Slowly, doing my best not to say anything I might regret, I looked around. Nothing. Well, there was sand. I was in the middle of one of the deserts of Oracle, so the sand was inevitable, and that told me I needed to start moving. What I needed to do was make certain I was moving in the right direction. Of course whether or not there was a right direction depending on when I was there. All I could really do was hope I hadn’t been tossed into the middle of the desert at a time before the shelters had been built for people like me. With the worlds anything was possible, though, and I’d spent far too much of my time travelling to think that it wouldn’t happen, because it was ‘good for me’. What the worlds thought was good for me and what I thought were good for me were two very different things.