The World Walkers: Taithamrin’s Earth: Amy: Losing Someone

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On a Saturday morning I always headed over to my boyfriend’s house, because it was the one day we made sure we spent together. He was working, a lot, while I was at college, so it was really the only day we had. There were days when I couldn’t help getting jealous of the girls who had boyfriends at college, who they could see during breaks and at lunch, but it made me all the more grateful for the time we did spend together. We made plans for the future, planning on being together for as long as we loved each other, and as I couldn’t imagine not loving him I didn’t think that we’d ever split up.

The World Walkers: Taithmarin: Zoe: Travelling to Taithmarin

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Zoe had always hated lifts. There was no real reason for her hatred, apart from her fear of getting stuck in one. It didn’t matter that it very rarely happened, because the simple fact that it was a possibility was enough to stop her. On the rare occasion she did get in a lift it was for a very good reason. She had a good reason the day she got into a lift with Adam. Normally she would have just walked up the six staircases that would take them to their holiday apartment. Having a large suitcase to carry up those stairs meant it made much more sense just to put her fears aside for thirty seconds.