Donor House: Taryn: Rescued

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It wasn’t unusual for a vampire to kidnap a human, but Taryn never believed it would happen to her. She didn’t doubt that everyone who found themselves in the same position had never expected it to happen to them. As the vampire, she wasn’t sure whether it was male or female and at that moment she didn’t really care, removed the blindfold she blinked, trying to get used to being able to see again. The brightness of the light didn’t help much either. When she could finally deal with the light she looked around the room, trying her hardest to ignore the group of vampires that were all staring at her.

“Why?” one of them asked, a female with long black hair, as Taryn took a couple of steps closer to the wall so no one could step around her.

“My choices were limited,” a male replied, shrugging, and she realised he was the one who’d grabbed her. Biting on her lip Taryn stared at him. “Her parents had got themselves into debt with the wrong vampire, so I had to take her before he could.”

“No, you didn’t, Silver.” The female looked at Taryn again and she pressed her body tighter against the wall. “You could have walked away.”

A couple of the other vampires laughed. “When have you ever known him to just walk away?” another male asked, amusement filling his voice, as he looked at Silver with what she could only think was affection. “If he hadn’t been the sort of vampire who didn’t walk away half of us wouldn’t be here now and I don’t know about you but I’m glad he didn’t. He was there for me when I needed him, so how can I begrudge him being there for someone else in trouble.”

“Thank you.” Silver smiled at the male who’d spoken, their eyes meeting, and Taryn could see him breathe a sigh of relief. “There are so few of us who will step in when something’s happening that shouldn’t be and I don’t ever want to be someone who walks away from a human who needs help.”

“I don’t want us to end up being in the same position we were when he rescued Clara,” the female explained, sounding worried.

“He doesn’t even know I have her. When I realised he was at her house I made sure to be elsewhere. All he’ll know is that she hasn’t come home, which, I hope, he won’t take out on her parents.”

“Okay.” The first female stood and made her way over to where Taryn was standing. “Did you stop to explain what was happening or did you just grab her off the street?”

Silver’s cheeks flushed. “Time was of the essence, so I just grabbed her.” He took a couple of steps closer and then stopped. “I’m sorry.”

“Sometimes he doesn’t think things through, sweetie, but his heart’s in the right place. I’m Fleur and we need to have a little chat, so you understand what’s just happened to you.”

Taryn wasn’t entirely sure how to react to the conversation they’d just had. Silver was a vampire who rescued humans from bad situations… it didn’t seem possible, but she knew that her parents had been borrowing money from a vampire, even though she’d been trying to convince them that it was a really bad idea that was going to lead to major problems in the future. As usual they hadn’t listened to her. Money was too important, money was how they kept a roof over everyone’s heads, and if they didn’t have money they’d end up starving on the streets. Even though what they said was true she knew that borrowing it from a vampire wasn’t going to end well, especially when they couldn’t pay the money back.

“How bad was it?” she asked, looking at Silver.

“Normally he sells the people he gets to the auction. It makes him back a little money and your parents will still owe him.” Silver shrugged. “That’s not a hole they’re ever going to be able to get out of, because he’s not going to let them.”

Sighing, Taryn nodded. “I didn’t think he would.” She bit her bottom lip. “My brothers?”

“I was too late to help them. By the time I realised what was going on they were already in the house. Thankfully you’d decided to head to the library for a couple of hours and that gave me the chance I needed to rescue you.” Silver shrugged. “Although I’m not sure you thought you were being rescued.”

“It’s fine.” Taryn smiled, even though she couldn’t help thinking of the fate that was in store for her brothers. “How can he get away with it?”

“Vampires in high places. Not every vampire is out to the public yet, even though you all know we exist, and there are some in places that mean the loan sharks can get away with pretty much anything they want, including taking people as part payment.” He ran a hand through his hair. “There is a chance that I might have made things worse for your parents, but I’ve been through an auction and I know how difficult it is, so as far as I was concerned you were more important.”

“He won’t kill them, will he?”

Silver shook his head. “No, not while he could use them. His anger will make him less kind to them when it comes to paying them for their sons and if they don’t agree to give them up willingly he’ll take them, because they’ll be nothing they can do to stop him, no matter how hard they wish there was. Unfortunately they took what seemed to be the easy way out.”

“The easy way is never easy.” Taryn lent against the wall. “What happens next?”

“You’ll have to stay here for a couple of days until I can find some transport, and then we’ll send you to the Donor House. It’s safe there.”

“Do I get a choice in this?” Taryn looked around the room at the group who’d obviously all been through the same sort of thing and found a couple of them were grinning at her. “Maybe I don’t want to go to the Donor House.”

“It’s for the best,” Silver said, sounding certain. “While you’re here you are in danger, because he is going to do everything he can to find you. Even though we’d do our best we can’t protect you from him, not in the way you would be in the House, so please think about going. Getting you away was simple, Taryn, but keeping you away, especially considering who it is, isn’t.”

“How about everyone else here?”

“That was different.”

Fleur shook her head. “Actually, Silver, it wasn’t, you just have another option now, but we all chose to stay with you. Taryn might well make the same decision.”

“Yes, you did, and I’ve told you before that if the House had been an option then I would have convinced you all to go, because then we wouldn’t have had to leave after every rescue.”

“Did you ever think we might have enjoyed that?” Fleur sighed. “Look, if I’d have wanted stability I would have found it, but I didn’t. I wanted to be with you, to go from town to town rescuing people who needed it, because I liked it. Being able to travel around the country is something I really miss now you seem to have decided that we’re staying here.” Silver opened his mouth to speak. “No, Silver, it isn’t for the best. You might think it is, for whatever reason you’ve come up with, but right now I’m seriously thinking of heading out on my own, because I don’t want to be stuck in one place.”

“Why not?” Silver asked, confusion replacing the certainty. “Fleur, I really am trying to make the best decision for all of us and no one else has said anything against us staying here.”

“No, we haven’t,” one of the male vampires said, “but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel the same way Fleur does. It isn’t unusual for us to stay in a town or city for however long it takes for you to find someone to rescue. We’ve done that part and now we have a new girl with us who doesn’t seem to be interested in going to the House, even though you think she should, but there is another option.”

“So you all want to continue travelling?” Brushing a hand through his hair Silver sighed. “None of you are interested in staying here, where we might be able to find more people to help?”

As Taryn looked around she wished she’d just agreed to Silver’s plan. It would have been much easier and then she wouldn’t have caused any problems within his group. She wrapped her arms around herself, feeling guilty, but she knew that even if she did say she’d go to the House it wouldn’t change anything. Fleur wanted to move on, and it seemed some of the other vampires did too, so they weren’t going to back down, not when it seemed like Silver was interested in finding somewhere he could call home. For the first time she studied him, thinking he might be better off at the House if that really was what he wanted, as his group didn’t seem to be at all interested in doing the same thing.

“You didn’t cause this,” Fleur whispered, putting a hand on Taryn’s arm. “This would have happened no matter who you were, because Silver has been making decisions without us again, and that’s something we managed to stop him from doing until recently. Now the House has opened he seems to have changed back to his old self.”

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