When I started writing, and was planning on publishing traditionally, I always hoped that someone would want to write fanfiction. I probably wouldn’t have been able to read it, just in case, but I felt that having someone care enough about the worlds and characters I wrote about would mean I’d made it as a writer, because that’s what I’ve always wanted. Someone to love my worlds as much as I do, someone who sees something that I may not writing a story about it or a poem, and fanart… well, I can never have enough of that, because I have limited abilities when it comes to drawing anything more than a spiral.

Now that I’m crowdfunding it gives me more freedom. I would still love to have people visiting the worlds I create with their own characters, maybe even create their own races and places that may end up becoming canon, and I’m a lover of both crossovers and alternate universes. Toss your characters into my worlds or grab a character you love from mine and let them explore your world.

I only have three rules.

1. Let me know what you’re doing. It’s wonderful to hear from someone that they’ve written about one of your worlds and it means I have some idea of who enjoys what. Tell me if you’d like it to be canon, because then I can work out if your story would fit into what is currently canon. I really want to know if you’re playing with my characters, more as a warning that anything else, as I know that people will view my characters differently to the way I do.

2. Ask me if you need help. Right now a lot of the world building and character information is in my head. If there’s a world you want to explore or a character you want to play with but don’t know enough about then email me.

3. Publish it. I don’t mind where. I’d love to publish it here and have a whole collection of fanfiction. If you don’t what me to publish it here then I want to be able to link to it. I want people to enjoy the fanfiction as much as they do the fiction I write, especially if it ends up becoming canon. I also don’t have a problem if you want to crowdfund what you’ve written, as long as you don’t charge less than me.

Now, I will warn you that if I love your story and it’s in a new place or you’ve created a new race, I may just play with them. They will always belong to you, but I get inspiration from other people, so I may just get inspiration from your fanfiction, and if it becomes canon then there may just be fanfic of your fanfic.

There are certain worlds it’s more likely your fanfic may become canon and others where it’s less likely. I would love some donor houses scattered around the world, so they’re almost certain to become canon if you create one of them. The World Walkers’ collection allows for pretty much anything to become canon. Characters may become canon in pretty much any of the collections.