Pagan: In Depth

All the ‘In Depth’ posts were written in 2014, so they might need some edits, but I’m posting them as they are for now. There may be spoilers ahead.

Type: realistic

Actually, what type this collection is does depend on your point of view, especially as I’ve found out, thanks to some prompts, that Anna is a walk-in. For some people this is likely to make the collection more fantasy that real, because they, for whatever reason, don’t believe that this sort of thing happens in real life. Personally I do believe in walk-ins, and magic, and the old deities, so for me this is one of my more realistic collections, but that doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone. I am a pagan, although I’m not a very good one at the moment, which means this is something I wanted to write for a very long time. The more for this the more I realise where some of my other stories, one that I started years ago, will fit in, and when I get the chance I will be beginning them again, introducing you to a number of older characters that I haven’t written about for year because they didn’t have a place, although they are going to be slightly different to how they were before.

Anna has always been pagan, no matter what she’s been in, but she wasn’t a walk-in before, which makes things different. The other Annas I wrote about will be given different names, because they all had interesting stories to tell that I really want to write. One started a relationship with her step-brother, which is a storyline I’ve always been interested in exploring; another was being stalked; there was another who found herself in a relationship with her brother’s friend, even though he was six years older and it strained his friendship with her brother; and the last one I can think of that I really want to write about is the girl who fell in love with someone else, but kept clinging onto her old relationship for reasons that she didn’t understand herself. It’s also, I believe, going to be the collection where someone lives with domestic violence, as this is something close to my heart that I really want to write about.

The focus at the moment is on Anna learning more about herself and about Charlotte, the girl who was housed in the body before and chose to walk away, and on Vitali, her new friend, who’s started to accept his connection to shamanism. I want to show what it’s like to be a Western shaman, who connects with the land spirits of the parks and the woods here, because I think this isn’t shown enough. He’s a young man who knows the history of shamanism and feels that in order to be a true shaman he needs to find his own path, even though some people will decide that he isn’t what he thinks he is because of who he is. Thanks to Anna that doesn’t bother his as much as it did before. Other characters I’ve introduced so far are Oliver, who is one of Vitali’s closest friends; Cole, who knew Charlotte before but they weren’t friends; and Juliet, who was in Charlotte’s circle.

I have started one AU, where Anna is male and for some reason knows much more about the past, and I have another one to work on where Charlotte survives the crash with anterograde amnesia. Then Anna is one of those characters who’s found herself in a couple of other AUs, one where she was never given the injection on Kim’s Earth and must learn more about who she was without the help of her friends or people who knew her, and another where she steps through a door and finds herself on Taithmarin along with two characters from the Brotherhood collection. She just seems to be one of those characters who ends up everywhere, so if you have any ideas for her then let me know. It does always help.

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