The Afterlife: In Depth

All the ‘In Depth’ posts were written in 2014, so there may be some edits needed, but for now I’m posting them as they are. There may be spoilers ahead.

Type: indescribable

All of the stories in this collection are set in my version of the afterlife, which may or may not be real. That does partly depend on whether you believe in an afterlife to begin with and then, unexpectedly, I’ve started writing about angels, who seem to have come into existence because people believed in them, so if you don’t believe in angels it might be difficult to connect with this collection. Often the deities visit too, as some have a connection to the afterlife, like Hades, while others connect to the spirits within it. Most of the spirits choose to gather together, making death as much like life as they can, which is something that the spirit guides often try to convince them not to do. Being dead is about learning lesson you couldn’t learn during an incarnation, but most of the spirits are much happier not thinking of themselves as dead.

Others accept that they have lessons to learn in the afterlife or they take on certain jobs. They might become a spirit guide, if they’re in the right place in their life cycle; they might become one of the Record Keepers, who look after the Akashic records; they might become a Dream Weaver, an interesting job that involves creating dreams of people who are dead for the living; or they might take on one of the more difficult jobs – Death, Life, and being a part of the Council. At the moment most of the stories are about Caitlyn, a spirit who’s learning to become a guide; the current Death, Richard (although I’m not entirely sure yet what current means for this timeline); and some of the angels, as they’re some of the characters that my readers seem to find the most interesting.

I know very little about the layout of the afterlife, which is something I want to change, but I have a feeling I know very little about it due to the stories I’m currently working on. One of the places I do know about is the night beach, where Richard and Caitlyn met, because it’s a favourite place of a lot of the character.

Then I have a couple of crossovers, with Kim’s Earth and the Brotherhood, and a few AUs I want to start working on.

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