The Brotherhood: In Depth

All the ‘In Depth’ posts were written in 2014, so there may be some edits needed, but I’m posting them as they are for now. There may be spoilers ahead.

Type: fantasy Earth

A world where the Millennium Bug was real, only instead of it affecting computers it gave some children born from one minute past midnight on the 1st of January 2000 powers. Some people, a group who called themselves the Brotherhood, already knew about these children, and had been preparing for them for decades, as they didn’t know exactly when the powers these children had would manifest. For some it happened early – the shapeshifters, for example, found themselves in a very difficult position between the ages of six and twelve, but fortunately they soon found themselves a home with Leonard, the son of the man who first found out about the Millennium Children, thanks to a crystal that he stole from the Brotherhood when he walked away from them.. He taught them how to use their abilities, the same way the others of the Brotherhood did, even though they’d fought over what they should do with the children.

It wasn’t long before one of the children who had found themselves with Leonard found out they weren’t so lucky to have found a home with him. He planned on using them, to take over the world, because they were superior to the lesser humans. When she found this out she didn’t react logically – not a lot of the Millennium Children in the shapeshifter house did after what had happened to them – and decided the only way she could protect the other children was to kill them, and Leonard so he couldn’t do the same thing to any other children, using the second strongest of the Millennium Children at the house because he was weak to one of her skills, taking over the minds of others. One of the children survived due to the relationship between her and her attacker, which gave her a chance to talk to the girl trying to protect her.

The stories start about a decade after this happens. Kara, the girl who survived, still doesn’t react logically to things she thinks of as threats to her or the people she cares about, and when one of the new arrivals asks her if she’ll work with him to take over the house she acts in the only way that makes sense to her – she attacks, to make certain he knows that she is stronger than he is and will stop him. Of course the new leader of the House, Tristan – Leonard’s grandson – steps in to stop her, because he knows the truth of what actually happened, although she did sanitise it for him so he never found out the truth about what his grandfather was attempting. He already realises this, because he’s read Leonard’s notes, but he understands why she made the choice that she did. Someone outside the house uses this distraction as his way in and stabs Tristan, so he can become the leader of the Brotherhood house, because he believes that it’s time for the Millennium Children to show the world what they can do. Daniel doesn’t know that the world isn’t going to react to them the way he wants them to, neither are the Millennium Children in the shapeshifter house, and he has yet to find out about the other six houses.

As with all of my collections I have stories in different points of the timeline, in the past, the present (which I normally count as the time I set the first story I wrote), and the future, a time when the Millennium Children has split into two groups – Unity and the Brotherhood. Unity is run  by three of the shapeshifters who lived in the first house, including Kara, as they have a necromancer who can bring them back from the dead, and there’s an interesting crossover that I’ve started at this point where Kara meets Death from the Afterlife collection. Then I have two of the leaders finding themselves on Taithmarin, with Anna, so I want to write about how Kara reacts to his change, because I think that would be interesting. My plan is always to write an AU where Kara is male instead of female and show how that affects everything that has happened. I have another couple of AUs from Daniel’s point of view, because I want to show that he’s changed in the time he’s been leader of the Brotherhood and how the abilities each of the Children has can affect them. I’ve ever started one from Dexter’s point of view, who was the man to first find out about the existence of the Millennium Children.

This is one of my favourite collections, so I would love some more interest in it, especially as it’s changed a lot from when I first started writing stories – the Millennium Children were originally going to be werewolves, but that didn’t work as well. I like it being about children with unusual powers, some of whom have grown up in ‘safe’ houses and some who have been forced to learn how to use their abilities in the real world, because they haven’t been lucky enough to have been drawn to one of the houses, as well as what it’s like to be living in a world where being one of the Millennium Children often means they get dumped on the Brotherhood, because everyone knows how dangerous they are.

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