The Deities’ World: In Depth

All the ‘In Depth’ posts were written in 2014, so they might need some edits, but I’m posting them up as they are for now. There may be spoilers ahead, and I want to note here that this is my fictional view of the deities. It’s likely there are some changes to ‘canon’.

Type: indescribable

The Deities’ World is exactly what it says it it – these are stories about the old Earth pantheons, as well as deities we have never heard of, who may be parents of those we have, siblings, children, or simply friends, because, unsurprisingly, not all of them wanted to be part of the pantheons. One of the main reasons for this decision is that talking to the races, whether they’re on Earth or one of the many other worlds in the multiverse, is much like playing a game of Chinese Whispers. If you take, for example, the relationship between Hephaestus and Aphrodite you’ll find that it’s very different to how the Greeks wrote it, which, sometimes, makes them wish they’d never chosen to connect with people on Earth. (Everything I write about the deities is how they appear to me, so they may not be like the deities you know if you have any relationship with them. I think they show everyone something a little different.)

I started writing about them because of Callidora, the youngest child and only daughter, of Hades and Persephone. She kept nagging me to write about her, the way characters often do, and then she was followed surprisingly quickly by Lucifer. Lucifer is someone I never thought of as a deity, so that was interesting. Lucifer and Callidora are connected because Lucifer is dating Callidora’s older brother Archimedes. Callidora is learning how to be a deity from Hekate, and others, as well as looking after two young three headed puppies. Persephone is busy working with the races of Thear, along with a number of other deities. Everything I write in this collection seems to teach me something that I never expected to learn about the deities, in part because I never believed I would be finding myself writing about so many of them, but they seem to want me to write their stories.

One of the most recent arrivals is Papa Legba, one of the loa, who was exceedingly grateful to Elizabeth Barrette for asking about him, as it meant he could begin telling me his story as well. Now I know that the loa are different to the deities because they evolved, although I’m still not certain why the first deities exist. I know Hekate was asked if she wanted to be a deity at some point in the past, but this is unusual, so that’s something I want to explore.

The deities have a connection with the Thear collection, the Afterlife collection, and the World Walkers collection at the moment, as well as a possible connection to the Pagan collection. It’s not a surprise to me and I know there are going to be more stories that I’ll write for this collection set on other worlds. It is one of the most interesting collections and one of the most unexpected, but I really do love writing stories for it, so if you want to see more please let me know. Tell me about a deity you’d like me to write about or ask me questions about the world itself, as that would be really helpful for the future. I know very little about the world itself, I think, from what Papa Legba said, because they’re trying to be as gentle with me as they can.

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