The Donor House: In Depth

All the ‘In Depth’ posts were written in 2014, so they need editing, but for the moment I’m posting them up as they are. There may be spoilers ahead.

Type: supernatural fantasy AU Earth

Vampires have always been something I was fascinated by and I wanted to write more about them, but not as alpha predators, although they do exist in my world. No, I wanted to show the outcasts, the vampires who never wanted to be changed, the vampires who did their best not to feed from humans unless they were willing donors, the vampires who found themselves searching the world for somewhere they could call home. The creators of the Donor House were vampires just like that, as are the majority of the vampires who chose to go the the House. Unfortunately not everyone is happy with the fact the House exists – humans and vampires agreeing on something, for very different reasons. The humans against the House think that bribing, mostly, young adults with money they could never get any other way is immoral, and are doing their best to get it closed down to protect the donors (or so they say). The vampires against the House never wanted all of the outcasts to band together, viewing them as lesser creatures because they won’t embrace what they’ve become.

In the House the vampires and the donors have started to learn more about each other, which has, surprisingly to some, made the donors very protective of the vampires in the House. There are stories set all over the timeline, but the one I started with was Lacey, so I would think of that as the present for the collection, at least now, and she arrived not long after the first death in the House. As I believe I said in the intro to all of the collections I thought her story was set much later, a hundred years after the House had opened, and that it had been opened for very different reasons. As I got more prompts for this collection I came to realise that the House hadn’t been open that long at all, that the vampires there hadn’t opened it for the wrong reasons, and from there things changed more than I expected them to. Nick is one example of that, because he was a very different person when I first started writing about him, and in the collection he’s turned out to be someone who has found becoming a vampire really difficult.

Some of the other stories I’ve written for this collection have been set outside the House, to show what it’s like to live in a world where there are vampires. I wanted to show how much it would change things for the human race, the fear of going outside at night (even though my vampires can go out during the day the majority of them choose not to because their senses are stronger and can find that even going out on a rainy day is too much for them – and, of course, hunting at night is much easier), the lack of belief from some that they’d ever be attacked by a vampire (this is a problem for the teenagers and young adults, mostly, who even chose to visit vampire created nightclubs because they don’t believe that it would ever happen to them), the way some humans have become hunters because they want to rid the world of the predators yet they only end up killing the vampires who don’t want to live any longer, and what happens to the people who get taken by the vampires who run auctions selling humans to the highest bidder.

There’s one AU that I’ve started, where someone has come up with the idea of a vaccination for vampires, one that will make them mortal once more, but, like with all these things they need to be able to test it. A number of vampires apply to be a part of the test group, hoping to be human again, and find that it doesn’t work out the way they hoped it would.

My plan is to write about a couple of other UK Houses that are created after the first and I hope to get some interest from other writers, because I want to have other Houses in other parts of the world, but I don’t know enough about them to be able to do them justice. The Houses I create will be in places I know well enough to be able to describe them, because I think that’s one of the best ways to make a story seem realistic.

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