The Fae World: In Depth

All the ‘In Depth’ posts were written in 2014, so they might need some edits, but for now I’m posting them as they are. There may be spoilers ahead.

Type: fantasy, alternate Earth, other worlds

One of my largest collections in terms of settings, with only the World Walkers having more, which also means there are a lot of characters. Some are on Earth, where one group of the fae ended up, along with some of the shifters and the mer people; some are on Kalinia, which has become home to the Magicians, now that it has regained some of its magic after what the fae did it; and others are on numerous other worlds, ranging from the world the griffins ended up on to worlds that have become real because of the magic the fae brought with them when they travelled to Earth. I still have plans for another couple of settings in this collection, so it’s likely to become even bigger, and I can’t help wondering if a couple of the other worlds might fit in to this collection somehow, although I shouldn’t think that everything happened because of the fae. They have been the cause of a lot of problems, in part due to their insistence on experimenting at times and curtailing these experiments when they feel that they don’t have enough control over what’s happening.

Writing about the fae is interesting, because they don’t know a lot about their own history, so when I go back I seem to always be learning something new about them. Before this group made the journey to Earth, even though the elders thought this was a mistake, they believed that Kalinia was their home world, and then Willow found a journal that had belonged to someone who had gone from one world to the other. He saved it, against the wishes of the other Kings, in case it became important in the future for the fae to know what had happened before. Unfortunately when it did become important Willow’s father made the decision to keep it hidden. If he was anything like his elders it was because of his fear of change, which seems to be something the majority of the fae suffer from. From what I’ve written it seems like the mer know more, although I haven’t written much about them yet.

At the moment I’m writing about ten worlds – Kalinia, both pre and post-apocalypse; Earth after the fae arrive; Edward’s world, which I’ve come to realise isn’t the same as the fae Earth, but I think is one of the many versions of Earth that was created during a period when one of the groups of the fae was trying to make the right Earth for Willow to find; Benira and Lorasia, the twinned worlds, one of which has magic and the other seems not to have, although it is somewhere magical creatures can find themselves at certain times; Arkal, the world that became the home of the Dragons; Tuloch, that I know almost nothing about; Eorith, a world that was once just a part of an RPG, and has now, thanks to the magic of the fae, become real; Aesurn, a world written about in a novel that someone is trying to change in order to see what happens to the book; and Quindil, which is the new home of the griffins. I’m certain there will be at least another couple, one I want to try to make more science fiction, because I love sci-fi but I haven’t tried writing much of it.

There are already a few AUs as well – one where the fae find themselves dealing with the World Government and the events of Kim’s Earth; one where someone from Taithmarin finds themselves on the fae Earth instead of returning home; and two post-apoc Kalinia AUs. As there are so many worlds this is one that lends itself to all sorts of storylines that I am looking forward to exploring.

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